A stake for the world

(Thomas) #1

Hey everyone, as far as i know in the ICO there were about 2.7 million unsold tokens. I was wondering what the nex team will do with them. I am pretty sure they already have an idea, but didn’t communicated this to us. Or maybe they are still looking for something.

Well, if thats the situation I may have a good suggestion for the team…

"A stake for the world"

What should this be? Well, in my imagination the NEX team will stake these tokens “forever” (restake them every 2 years). In this time there will be a lot of crypto generated as revenues. This money should be used to support several projects who are aiming to solve some of the most important topics for mother earth nowadays.
For example: plastic in the ocean, saving the rainwoods, clear water in africa (or other places), …

The list will be long, where the money can be used. But how should they decide which projects should be supportet?

Maybe the community can help out in this part. A voting machanism should be integrated in the NEX Suite or Extension. Every staker of NEX will get the possibility to Vote (1 staked NEX == 1 Vote). The projects will have an opportunity somewhere to show what they are going to do. With this the stakers can make a picture for themselve of the projects and can decide for which they want to vote.

Thats basically my idea, how NEX can use the unsold tokens. I’ll be happy if some of you will post your opinions due to this topic.

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(Harry) #2

I guess the team will use those funds to pay for banking licences etc first.
And those things are not cheap :frowning:

Wen all those organisations are on the blockchain and we can see exactly where the money is going , in a couple of years and if everything goes well maybe they will consider doing that.

It’s just a startup for now with bills to pay ^^

Mother earth has been around for 4,6 billion years and survived worst than plastic bags and deforestation , the only ones that will die eventually from all this are the ones causing all this aka humans.

(Thomas) #3

I guess the team will first use the raised money to pay for the licences. They raised 22.3 Million Dollar.

In my opinion the NEX team has to think in a time horizon of minimum 5 years in the future. For sure, they are working on their acutal stuff, but the plans where they want to stand in the future and how they position their self in many aspects needed to be decided now.

I’m sure mother earth will survive all of this :D, but when we, as humans, still want to be here in many many years we have to take care.

And over all, it is kinda nice marketing for NEX. An awesome exchange project connected in peoples mind to help solving some major problems on the planet can attract some users to be here.

(Stay Humble101) #4

First things first the NEX exchange has to function well and be successful, without this the humanitarian efforts would be for not. We are a long way from that point and there are many hurdles we will have to face along the way, some seen and some unforeseen. Until we are in the clear: ie. regulatory licenses in all major markets, ICO/STO platform online, Fiat Trading Pairs, Healthy growth of Exchange volume/liquidity, etc. - we can’t take our eye off the ball. There is much work to be done and many battles to win to gain market share and maintain a competitive edge. In the future (3-5 years) there will be less risk in the business and more stability and I can definitely see NEX creating a philanthropic arm with the Co-Founders. NEX is a global company and they can extent their impact beyond blockchain initiatives but first they have to become a global powerhouse.

First we walk. Then we run.

(Nashrimpy) #5

@StayHumble101 i totally agree with you.

(Len) #6

I love that you bring him up! George Carlin is a hero! Very underrated hero, his speech in The Planet Is Fine is amazing. Worth a listen :slight_smile: