A space for creators

It would be nice to have a place on this site where the creations of NASHERS are highlighted. It could be in the community space or directly from the main site. This could create added value, unite the members and show others the philosophy behind Nash.





yeah awesome, even a place for people to make pictures/gifs/meme’s etc, community can download it and promote nash through a more visual aspect. Also it saves Nash $$ and people who have editing skills can help out only if they want to.

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Dont want to get TOO meta on you but, why doesnt the community create one? Like NeoEconomy

Endorsing 3rd party apps and tools is a great idea, but I think it’s too early for Nash to be doing this. They would need to vet and revisit projects to make sure they are still valid, working properly, and not malicious before getting added to their site.

TL;DR - I think its a great idea, but not right now. Nash has other more important work to do. Why not have community do it?

you’re describing a part of a library probably, where we can put nice resources, promotional material, sites, reviews, tweets etc in.

Perhaps @carla could make a seperate forum for it, so we can have a easy way of posting material there and grabbing it if we are talking about Nash or NEX with someone?

I think this is a nice space for creators. If you build something - just share here with the community, great visibility :smiley:

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