A small win for today

Today my comment was there to be seen for 300 people, with avatar I Love Nash. I am super happy for today’s contribution. Please don’t criticize, let me have my moments of happiness, and I wanted to share it with my only Community :loud_sound::grin::+1::handshake:


I hope chico does a video, i knw nowadays he is a shill

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He says that a good project doesn’t need to be shilled to him, he will find it himself :thinking:. So I keep it low, just to remind him that we are still around :loud_sound:

@Radu did you just tip Chico 50 dollar? :sweat_smile:

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So Chico is going mention Nash in tomorrow’s or Mondays video. He said he wouldn’t go deep, but it’s something. Not sure what the topic is, but let’s see.

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My small contribution :grin:. I am very happy with his response :partying_face:
I think he was looking at my avatar and remembered that Nash is around :grinning:

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If I understand Chico, he already has the video, the question is when he is going to post it. My 50$ is probably something that will make him look again deeper at Nash :smiley:

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One more highlighted comment with 665 people exposed to I Love Nash (my avatar, of course if someone actually looks at it :grinning:)

The Chico one got exposed to 489 people, some of them are the same people, but this is the point, to be seen multiple times, everywhere.
One small step forward :partying_face:
Nash is working hard, and people need to know that :loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound:

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i hope for an objective opinion for nash from chico… :thinking:

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I am getting ready to correct him in the comment section. Just listening again to quarterly report and this is what I am super excited about:

Question: For companies waiting to offer crypto trading services, what advantages would integration with Nash Protocol over integration with Coinbase or other compliant exchanges?

Fabio answers:

When you integrate with Coinbase, is this your customer? or is Coinbase customer? Because they are custodial exchange so, all the funds of your users will be on Coinbase, and this is really what we build Nash for, so whoever will build on top of Nash, can be certain that we don’t control the funds of their users. There is no downside for companies, that their users would lose funds because of Nash. That’s why we believe that our protocol is much more extensive than the competition.

:+1::+1::+1: Love it