A question around staking, claiming dividends and unlocking of tokens

My main question is, when the tokens become unlocked again, will they become unlocked the exact same date from when you stake or will there be a date where they collectively become unlocked? For example:

I stake my tokens for 6 months on the 14th of the month. Will they be unlocked on the 14th again or will there be a certain date of the month that all tokens staked by everyone for that period will become unlocked? And if so, will the date to claim dividends be set each month or will it be each month from the date you stake i.e the 14th?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated :slight_smile: :nash_n:

P.s. Sooo excited for Beta! :nash: :rocket:

I think willbe unlocked the same date.

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I think the answer is at the nash website… under Dividends section…


it shows staking for one month will be

e.g. 1 Feb 2019 - 1 Mar 2019



True. Although the third stake down says 10th Nov - 31st May.
I know this is just an example of what the staking would look like but the dates have thrown me a bit.
I might have to have another look at the whitepaper for more clues.

The staking contract is open source! The release happens exactly after the time you defined. So it is: now + staked_time

See here: https://github.com/nash-io/staking/blob/master/NashStaking.py#L201


forgive me , I have been a way for a good while. When is staking starting?

Excellent, thank you for the clarity @canesin. Happy Beta launch day! :smile: :nash_n:

@Crypto_Scalpel staking starts with the full launch of Nash exchange, which is yet to be determined. Hopefully some time in Q2.


oh great, Thank you for the answer

How did you get this feature on the NEX exchange site? I can’t see the whole feature except only referral info.

It is a screenshot that is on the site, nobody has access to it right now.

oh, I see

This info from the Beta testing site answers my other question for those interested.

Pretty awesome to think you can set yourself up with a weekly passive income by just splitting your NEX bag into 4, staking and selecting your own pay day! :sunglasses:

Stake and bake baby! Can’t wait to set this up :+1: