A more realistic comparison of trading volume

(Aaron K) #1

https://www.bti.live/exchanges/ gives a more accurate idea of real volume and factors in wash trading. Where as CMC have recently been called out for not providing accurate trading volume.

In comparison to this list (at the time of writing this), Nash aim to be about 22nd after 3 months with $3m daily volume and about 13th after 6 months with a daily volume of $40m.

With what Nash has to offer, I personally believe this attainable and then some!

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(Jak Da Rip) #2

Found this also useful https://openmarketcap.com/

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(Trust Yourselves ) #3

correct me if I’m wrong, but was it not top 100 exchange in 3 months and top 50 exchange within 6 months ?

(Vt) #4

That depends on whether you only take the verified volumes into account or all the exchanges (including the fake volumes).

(Aaron K) #5

Yes this is true @Trust_Yourselves , but in regards to CMC exchange volumes.
I believe when Fabio stated that Nash are aiming to be in the top 100 after 3 months from the Nash exchange launch. The exchange in 100th place was doing about $3m daily at this point in time (not sure if it was “reported” or “adjusted” volume though?).
Without all the wash trading and fake volume this would put Nash much higher in the rankings in terms of true volume.

To be in the top 50 on CMC after 6 months with only real volume would be amazing! And achievable I personally believe :sunglasses:

(Aaron K) #6

CoinGecko doing it’s part to report more accurate trading volumes on exchanges :+1: Can’t wait to see Nash rise through the ranks!