A look at the competition's (Coinbase) possible advertising/marketing approach

(Sam) #1

Coinbase recently posted an unlisted video to Youtube that I found really impressive. Not sure if it’s meant to be a TV ad or what but the approach they took with this is impressive. A nice video for anyone in crypto to watch. But I know NEX will do better!

(Crypt On The Beat) #2

Saw it, nice video from Coinbase, different than lambo ads

(.) #3

I like this…people talking about how it solves real problems.
The vibe feels about right: cool but not too flashy (lambo/moon)…
It makes me feel mass adoption is coming very soon.
and I’m sure Nex will do it better :slight_smile:

(Rory) #4

This is a good marketing video as it speaks to crypto’s positive and idealistic aspects with believable people. Nice that they went after that vs just an explainer video on coinbase itself.

(Aman) #5

Good educational video, shows Cryptocurrency in good light. But kinda funny that Coinbase being a centralised exchange is talking about decentralisation.

(Olu ) #6

Good sharing this :+1:t5:

(Mdk757) #7

it is a nice video, indeed.

i also found this nice article, and i hope SEC will nail them like there is no tomorrow


(Chris Fenwick) #8

That’s our aim :wink:

(Sean D) #9

This was really well made, Really exciting to think what the future will bring.

I can really see NEX doing a TV commercial similar to this in a few years broadcasted around the globe.

(Sam) #10

Hope so as well, that’s very scummy if true.

(Nick) #11

Am I the only one that finds it annoying that Coinbase uses (almost) the same blue in their logo as NEX?

(Nashimalaya) #12

I wish the kind of advertising by nex.

(Aman) #13

Even if it happens, it’s just going to be a fine. Thats the way it is. A shame really.