A little concern about "Secuirty"

Hello there Nash supporters!

I am mediocre at tech at it´s best so cut me some slack :slight_smile:

However i noticed when logging into my account you can actually “uncover” your private keys for both NEO, ETH aswell as your 12 secret word code.

Isn´t this a bit of a secuirty concern? isn´t this supposed to be stored in some kind of database? or how is actually stored?

Would someone care to explain how Nash stores the private keys in a safe enviroment while still maintaining decentralization?

we need an article for this that we can just link to people each time, or informative video @canesin

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Correct I am aware how the secret codes work in general with wallets, However I´ve never been able to actually uncover the seed phrase once the wallet was created.

As stated I´m rather limited in technical knowledge, But as far as i know (And understand) The seed phrase and private keys, for ETH/NEO wallet has to actually be stored within a database otherwise how would i be able to uncover them in my Profile page?

Talking about Nash in general not other wallets. Just to make myself clear.

Please read through the thread that was linked. This is all explained there.

Didn´t notice it was a thread, Sorry and thanks!