A huge Bullish Divergence

Hi Guys,

A quick story from me,
Back when the Neon Exchange (now Nash) ICO lottery was taking place, I was dissapointed for not getting a 10K NEX allocation. I was looking at my 999NEX in my wallet and thinking, ‘If only I was one of those people sitting on 10,000 NEX tokens right now’; I’d be financially sorted for years and years to come.

Little did I know the price of the NEX Token would stay below 1$ for the majority of a two year period. Little did I know how long it would take to build a product and system as big as Nash is building. But, little did I know how many NEX tokens I would come to accumulate over the years that followed the ICO (STO). (A lot more compared to my original vision!)

But what I am seeing over the past few months is astonishing. I am seeing an amazing product with amazing potential being built and released. I am seeing the narrative for the project increasing week by week. But, I am seeing the price of the token and volume of the exchange lag behind.

In my eyes, there is a huge fundamentally bullish divergence being created for the Nash project right now. Take from it as you will.

The current management of DEFI brings cloudy skies and faulty judgement.

That is all.


You want to do it right, it will take time. And the affects of it will last longer. The team are building this brick by brick. I hope that if there is a bull run at the end of next year we are primed and ready to take off :rocket:


Let’s say Nash is ready to take off, the question is. what exactly is going to shoot the token up? as far as I’m aware we are only listed in 2 exchanges with a volume less than 300k. And Nash team many times had said listing their token is not priority😏so I don’t know.

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  1. Volume is the key driver to an increase in the value of the NEX Token. Speculation may also play a part momentarily. However, you may see price revert to fair value over time.

  2. The listing of the NEX Token on the Nash platform is a priority for the team and this work is in progress. If the NEX market goes ahead, it will most likely be under strict rules where Nash will be the only market maker. There are multiple rules which may need to be adhered to for Nash to list the token However, it is most certainly possible.

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