A great opportunity: ONT/ONG pairings

(Alexh) #1

Nearly 3 months after Ontology’s mainnet launch, there are few exchanges dealing with ONG trading pairs, and none of them have an ONT/ONG pairing. NEX should do it in the first month or two of release! Could generate considerable volume and I’d hope wouldn’t be too technically difficult, given the relationship between NEO, NEP-5 standards, and ONT. Just a thought.

(Stay Humble101) #2

I am sure they see the opportunity as well, I just hope they are aggressive with their token listings and can work on the BTC pair in parallel to the ONT/ONG or any other pairings. 2019 is the pre season draft, filling up the roster. 2020 is the regular season and 2021 is Playoff - looking forward to NEX becoming a contender in the 2022 Finals :nex_logo:

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(.) #3

ONT/ONG pairings would be great…also the ONG exchanges right now are very limited

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(Kelvin Fugara) #4

We need BTC, LTC, NEX pairs by the 18th January Event then the ONT/ONG follows.

(Alexh) #5

While I’d love that, I doubt it. Both that they’ll launch on Jan 18th, and also, even if they do somehow, that they’d have NEX Pairs at launch. I hope I’m wrong on all of these, but this is my prognostication.

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(Tomislav Dzepina) #7

Where did you find data that they will lunch on 18 January ? As i read they announce an event in Amsterdam to present our work from the fourth quarter.

(Nex Chapter) #8

I think you misread that, alexh said, they doubt that they will launch on the 18th