A few thoughts on the 2021 strategy


After reading the new 2021 strategy, I am pleasantly surprised. In fact, I’m tremendously excited and frankly I haven’t been in a long time. After all this time supporting Nash, I had unfortunately begun to feel less confident. After reading the last blog post, my idea was confirmed that Nash had not found a product market fit, but that’s about to change. It’s very clear and there is a demand for it.

The way I help people take their first steps in crypto is as follows:
I show them how to use Nash and NashCash and I show them how to earn yield on their assets with Celsius Network.

In my opinion, a mix of the two companies/services (Nash and Celsius network) = the absolute killer app! So I’m very happy with what’s to come.

I don’t doubt the capabilities of the Nash team and I’m sure they’re on it but I want to point out 2 things that I think will be very important.

Mobile first. Yes totally agree but you have to admit that the current app is way too klunky. There is way too much going on and I don’t think it is intuitive enough. Even if you think it is, I speak from experience having helped many noobs and I see them having problems navigating the app. I hope the app will become simple and easy to use.

Marketing. I look forward to seeing what kind of marketing Nash has in store. I really hope that in addition to solid marketing, there will be proper user incentives in place and users can enjoy a simple and hassle-free experience that will make most marketing unnecessary. A good growth hack is what we need. Celsius Network is a good example of this.

  • They have an easy and intuitive app.
  • They reward users who bring in other users.
  • They gives bigger rewards to users with bigger stakes.
  • They are very transparent and share a lot of statistics which are eagerly used by the community

I hope the Nash team makes creative use of this because I think there are a lot of opportunities here…

You have my full support and I hope that as you implement this new strategy, I can bring a lot of people to the app.

Good luck.


For those who ain’t seen it:

I got goosebumps reading it. We are regulated and we mean business.


I’m super curious to see how this will take shape. Now we need to move quickly.


The Defi space is huge, the team have got their mojo back!!

Speed is everything right now. Nash needs to strike while the iron is hot. There are so many new people looking to buy crypto. So many people were looking to buy Dogecoin recently that Binance was having issues managing the addresses.


Thanks for your feedback. Any other refer-a-friend initiatives that you’ve seen and like for the growth of a digital wallet, please share!


Personally, I use as few other wallets as possible so I’m not really aware but I’ll look around.