A bit Site Feedback

Hi Nash team, loving the work you guys have put into this. Now for the feedback. :slight_smile:

Community Site

  • Weird Mobile UI bug - If you click on the lower hamburger menu, and then click on the upper, you get a grey filter on the page, that prevents you from clicking on anything on the page. See here: https://imgur.com/a/uMWbDEN. I think there should only be one menu instead of two, because it’s really confusing for the user and not pretty at all.

Nash Site

  • nash.io - CTA buttons getting cut off on both sides. I’d suggest having them under each other or make them smaller.

  • nash.io Mobile menu - Too much whitespace from the grey divider and the collapse menu. Would be better to use some of it for more visible content.

  • nash.io Mobile menu - Live Chat Support CTA and “We’re hiring” button are on top of each other. I would move the “We’re hiring button” to the left so it is vertical inline with the collapse menu.

  • nash.io - I’d suggest a bit more padding here.

  • nash.io - Cookie popup not fully responsive.

  • nash.io/products/mobile - You’re greeted with the H1 getting cut off on both sides.

  • nash.io/company/partners - Flybridge Capital Partners logo are pixelated, compared to the other logos.

Sadly I am not able to post the images here, nor link them under each bullet point. You can see them here: https://imgur.com/a/b4WAp4L.

All screenshots and the recording, was done using an iPhone 7 using Firefox, all default settings.

Best regards,

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A setting where you can choose your default view when you log in would be nice as well. I do not want to see the trading section as the first thing, but rather my funds. :slight_smile: