99% bitcoin before end of month?

do you think nash can pull off bitcoin before end of the month? with end of the quarter coming ever so closer, i’m thinking a bitcoin delay is more likely. i hope nash can prove me wrong.

or is it another case of ready when ready… :crazy_face:

I think there will be several delays.

its ok, I mean it is part of software development, however the price is going to dump like anything, if bitcoin is not introduced. I will pick up some really cheap NEX then…

in every crisis there is an opportunity.

Even I have a gut feeling that they are going to be late. not possible to pull off this quater.

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People… It’s the 8th of march. not even on 1/3 yet. Calm down.

That said, it would be nice if the team can confirm things are on track.

:ok_hand: I will continue to buy nash even at 0.1 $


even I would…

I personally don’t expect to get BTC trading pairs in this quarter. The team is building some great stuff, but the past showed one shouldn’t rely on expectations given by them (speaking only of expectations regarding time frames!) Still, there is a german proverb: The hope dies last :wink:
Like I recently stated in another topic, I just really do wish that all issues are ironed out when we finally get the BTC pairs. Recently it became obvious that there are more people experiencing no-go issues than I previously thought. (Side note: That’s probably a negative side effect if a community consists of investors having an interest in a general ‘positive’ climate and people are to scared to address issues in the public). The ‘when’ is less important than the general user experience at this point. I hope that, ideally, the UI update, the bug/issue fixing and the BTC pairs arrive at the same time. So we will get a huge momentum with a really polished exchange - the product we all aniticipate. In my opinion that’s the best (edit: previously ‘only’) way to gain and regain trust in a sustainable way.


Its a shame that the last official communication has been “Before the end of Q1” and still people have no faith. There has been too many delays but never did Nash team put a particular timeline or deadline. End of 2019 was 99% and was not official so I do not count it as delay.

This is the first time, Nash team has set the deadline and I am sure being so professional they will stick to it. Also, if there was any change I am certain, they would have communicated by now.

Transfer UX changes
New UI
BTC trading

all have been delayed because of BTC trading, so I see no reason for us not to believe the team. If BTC is delayed they would certainly known it by now and would have communicated and pushed other important updates.


Nash has delayed MVP twice, GA will probably get delayed, doesn’t even seem like the exchange is ready yet as people can’t even more their funds from personal to trading account…time will tell tho, if they don’t deliver prepare for NEX to get completely rekt, and if they do, prepare for greatness, risk cost analysis

I believe the team will deliver because they have reiterated the date of ‘end of Q1’ many times over the last weeks and months. Plus, all other products for Nash rely on this release so I am sure we will see it by the end of the month.

The code has been audited, and privately tested for BTC trading, they didn’t communicate a lot on that, they probably should. But as always, I think they are aware about the bad effect that could cause a missed deadline. And if something unexpected comes up, they should be quick communicating on that. Like for the launch of the exchange, there was a delay, but they did explain why on the community forum.

Hearing that the code for BTC trading has been audited is prolly the most bullish news ive heard, in my life, ever. Fabio is the next CZ, nash is for the people and I am so excited for the future of decentralization.

Where did you get this information from?


Please tell us from where you got that important message, thanks…

I really hope that nobody from the nash leader board is transforming into a new CZ…

I don’t remember where; I am looking into it.

In the AMA of last Q report, at 1:04:00 they say the bitcoin trading has been tested internally. In the Q2 of 2019 they said: “Successful completion of three additional security audits with no critical findings by Security and NCC Group, as well as an internal infrastructure security audit”.

It is not about BTC trading, but they do conduct audit on their code.

Now the simplest would be to have some input from the team :wink: @canesin


Currently there is no delay in sight from the already public goal of end of Q1.
If this change we will not hesitate in communicate to the community.


Note that we have already communicated in the past that Bitcoin trading has been in testing since start of the quarter, regarding it we have been working on production refinements. There are other equally important updates such as MPC-based API keys and several UX improvements that are also being heavily worked on.


Thanks Fabio :ok_hand: :blush:


Thanks to all the team and Keep building the future #DeFi for our financial freedom