8 Days to Launch!

(Rahil) #1

Are you excited??

(Alex) #2

Negative. Only if I could find API specifications or API features overview. And I would also like to know how I can become a banking partner (partner requirements).
What about you ? Are you excited ? And what are you looking forward too ? :heart:

(Rahil) #3

I am excited to see the UI.

(Bunder) #4

I’m also excited to see the whole UI.
Alex is just a guy who always has to complain about something… He is never excited :frowning:
Maybe this bearmarket is too long for him, or he needs someone for pleasure…

(Olu ) #5


(Mao Mao) #7

ok nice joke here :blush::blush:

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(Nick) #8

Too bad, it was a great reply actually :joy:

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(Mao Mao) #9

@Nick what did Alex post? too late its gone lol

(John Nash) #10

I’m just sooooo glad it’s here. Well done to the Nash team.

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(Lvdv) #11

Can’t wait !! :heart_eyes:

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