5 Reasons to own Nex Token right now

Hey guys, cant wait for Nash to launch next week. If you want to tell your friends about Nash I have written a blog post about Nash former Neonexchange. I hope you like it and share it with those who need a little convincing :slight_smile:


Great article! Just one thing I noticed, the staking is always based on 50 million tokens, here is the correct updated table

Sorry that one is poor quality, maybe someone has a more HD copy. :slight_smile:

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Just use the calculator :slight_smile:

Also, this is incorrect:

  1. You will always be able to withdraw/deposit your funds even if the network is down.

If NEO is down you can’t transfer/withdraw NEP-5 funds, for logical reasons.
You can trade those tokens, however, when the network is down.


Yes. Not sure what the source is anymore, but I’ve heard the team say that.

Yes. You’d, however, need to have a tool that interacts with the smart contract. Don’t think many people will try to download neo cli and do it themselves.

Thanks…The caculator is great but I think it will be tough to reach Binance numbers. They grew organically with giving away Lambos every month. I think that is what drove millions of people to their exchange. Not sure Nash can do anything similar to reach their target audience.

NEX will be paying out staking reward, so you can buy your own Lambo. Much more convienient as you can chose your favorite color and don’t have to accept whatever is CZ’s favorite color.

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