40M USD is not a big money for an exchange?

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tZero just done preferred stock 134M USD and Coinbase got a new bag with 500M , do you think NEX financing 40M is enough to push NEX to be a Top exchange? Why tZero and Coinbase need so much?
Crypto world moving so fast, in my opinion and 80/20 rules, exchanges need lots of growing momentum for a survive.

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The NEX team wouldn’t have raised it if they didn’t think they could do it. Just step back and realize exactly how much 40 million is. That’s a lot of money and you can’t compare it like that. Coinbase is a huge company and centralized. They have to pay for servers and many other things that NEX doesn’t need or hasn’t encountered yet. Coinbase has lots of employees and offices and they can raise that much because they already have a good source of revenue. I’m not as familiar with tZero but I know theyre a whole other beast altogether so it’s hard to really compare them. But make no mistake, NEX is one of the most revolutionary projects in crypto atm. They’re nearly there and have done it with just under 50 million in funding. Most other icos that raised 50 million squandered that and were greedy. The legal fees alone to do what NEX is doing are crazy so to answer your question, the NEX team clearly knows what they’re doing and are pushing every dollar to it’s fullest but they weren’t greedy. That’s why they did the ICO like they did. This is NEX level class in my opinion.

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I fully agree with @NATENEX on this. How much money is raised has become a sort of status symbol and that’s not necessarily a good thing for this emerging cryto space.
I am delighted that NEX is already putting the money they raised to good use. They are building a decentralized beast which could easily outsource many aspects of the ecosystem and reduce the cost of operations.

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I’m actually glad that :nex_logo: did not raise more than they did. It shows that they do rigorous planing and know exactly what they want to achieve and how to get there “on a budget” (although 50M is quite a good budget)

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I participated in ICO that raised more than 100M and they are silent to date, no telegram group, no community like this, no progress reports. Atleast I am lucky with NEX.

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i think binance started with lot less than 40m.
NEX team said that the running of the company is ok for the next 2 years so nothing to worry about. They could easily raise more if they wanted, they needed this amount for their plans.

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The NEX teams itself is already a good capital. The team is one of the best in the entire crypto space. I beleive they didnt need lotofmoney toput on the project cause most of them are already good players and developers in NEX. Other companies lack the good engineers and so they have to take more money to pay for engineering which they can’t do.

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