3 founders staked 500,000 NEX each

In the last couple of days there were 4 big stakes made:
2x 500,000 Nex stakes and
2x 250,000 Nex stakes (from same address), equalling to 3x 500,000 Nex. I am assuming that these addresses belong to 3 of the 5 founders.
You can look and see the transactions for yourselves:

I know that it isn’t any of our business what the founders do with their tokens, but it still made me curious. Because in my opinion there isn’t big enough of volume on the exchange yet to stake any tokens.
So why would they stake right now?


If they do not repose their faith in their project, who would?

In the traditional investing, the promoter’s share and their confidence in their business is always taken a benchmark. Same would hold here.

if the promoters falter or show dwindling confidence in the project, then it would be a bad signal.

Till now the confidence and performance is super high.

All the best founders.


This is a sign of good business and trust. Let’s hope they can get it done. If anyone can, it’s Nash.


You the man @canesin!!! I love what you are doing to give back to the community and show your love for them and the product.


Why wouldn’t they? Many of us staked months ago.

  1. your tokens get unlocked earlier than later stakers
  2. you get some dividends as opposed to 0 dividends if you don’t stake
  3. it’s a sign of trust and faith in the project

If you’re not trading your tokens actively, they’re just sitting in your wallet doing nothing.




every token that is not staked increases the company’s earnings. So if they give up money and want to let the company benefit, they are NOT stacking

That would give them no personal revenue. Nash isn’t a charity. And the company has sufficient funds for the present time.

*staking not stacking

Nash as a company may also try to acquire tokens and stake it.

It does have revenue stream of 25% from what the users have staked, also it has revenue stream from all the token not staked.

I am not sure whether it can happen or not, but certainly a possibility.

Though nash will get revenue of the tokens not staked, but still to increase the certainity it is better that that itself buys the token from open market and stake it.


Thats why I call nash’s staking as a different and untried staking. Only time will tell how it turns out.

Why would they stake tokens which give them 75% if they can also leave them unstaked and get the full 100%?

Anyways, I don’t think they’ll buy up the tokens themselves, if there was a need for better/more income they would’ve tackled that during the planning of the tokenomics. As you say, they get 25% per staked token anyways (and that is a minimum) so there won’t be a need to get more. Plus, they still have a huge bag of company fund NEX. that gives them 100% while leaving it unstaked. They’re fine :+1:


1 Million NEX was moved on 06/03/2020 from one of the founders wallet in two separate transactions of 500K each from this wallet.

500K NEX each has landed up in these two wallets : wallet 1, wallet 2.

None of them has been staked. Founders have every right to do whatever they want to do with there tokens, as an investor just curious.

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Another Founder stake half a million Dollar!


almost 1/5 of the supply is staked. nice!