2FA reset


My phone just got snatched and now I’m in the process of resetting all my accounts.
I won’t be at the location for a while where 2fa back ups are stored.
I noticed with Binance,when trying to reset that i got locked out for 48hrs and they have to verify my ID etc.
When I try to get back into nash.io, click lost password, I receive a reset link.
When I click this reset link it still asks me to confirm with my 2FA.
I know in the future the whole log in process will be different, but at this stage is there anyway I can get back into my account? (reset the 2FA)

Thanks Lenny

Hi @Lennystyles, if you haven’t backed up the 2FA you can ask a reset on support@nash.io . That will require a account lock for some time and having done KYC will help.


Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll get to it straight away.
I don’t wish this feeling up on anyone :sweat_smile:

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hope no password are in ur phone. if there are…please reset all your passwords asap.