2FA Question

If i was to lose my phone can i use my 12 words to gain access and then setup new 2fa on another phone?

No. 2FA and the twelve words are not connected.

Please try searching our knowledge base. Most common questions are already answered there.

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hmm i dont recall a backup code… Should i turn 2fa off and then back on, will that give me a code again?

I always get confused with 2fa and would hate to find im locked out if i lost my phone.

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Never mind. I have just turned it off and back on again.

I now have written the code down and didnt realise i had to do it first time… Good job i didnt lose my phone in the last couple of days haha

So is the backup code the “manual entry” code shown on the 2FA setup screen? Feel like that’s not super clear if that’s the case.

Yeah you should write it down so you can setup on another phone in the future if needed. Im not sure now but i dont think it says to do that.

Ive also been over the other places i use it to do the same. Only one of them said to write it down and also gave me some emergency scratch codes for when i dont have my phone with me.


There should be a note in a red box + bold text telling you to back up the code.

Though it is useful to know that users are still not noticing this.