2FA back up code (google authenticator)

Hey guys,

Another noob question probably, but I just want to check to make sure. I’ve enabled 2FA on my account by using google authenticator on my phone.

During this proces, you have to scan a QR code in order to add your account to google authenticator. Beneath the QR code, you get a manual code (12 letters/numbers). Is this the back-up code for like when I lose/break my phone?

Just checking because it wasn’t clear to me tbh. If it’s not, where can I see my back-up code?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Nickstar007 , this is the right thing, copy it and save it in case you will need it later


Thank you! I’ve written it down fo safe keeping! @canesin, is it possible to make it more clear for new users that the manual code is in fact your back-up code?

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Really? Is it something special about THIS 2FA back-up code? It was like that with ANY back-up code for 2FA app.

Yeah really, because a) it hasn’t been like that for all the back-up codes for google auth, and b) if the platform endorses the use of 2FA it should be crystal clear in it’s explanation.

For new users who are unaccustomed with 2FA (especially non-english users) , there’s no way they’ll all figure out that a ‘manual code’ is the same as a back-up code. If some would lose their phone and can’t access their funds anymore, they’ll complain and guess what, they’ll be right. These kind of issues could be easily avoided.

What are you even talking about? You can reset 2fa via support. And if people put that code in their phones they can make back-ups from them. These 2fa codes are standard. Sorry, but all your claims are false.

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You can reset them via support? Oh, that I didn’t know. If you’re sure about that , than consider the above a non-issue. I thought you’d be totally locked out of your NASH account without your 2FA-back up code (like when you lose your phone)

Yes, I am sure. One of my friends accidentally locked his account and support helped him to reset it. His 2fa was turned off when he entered his account. BTW Nash does the right thing calling it “manual code” because if you put it on your phone or PC you can have encrypted back-up via Authy or Google Authentivator, etc. (that manual code becomes useless as a back-up). Then you will have to save your new encrypted back-up and remember a password to it.

Okay, thanks for explaining. I didn’t know that!

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BTW there’s another nuance. If you use encrypted 2fa you should save different back-up everytime you add 2fa account (e.g. another exchange). Because these back-ups will always be different (due to encryption).