12 magical words question

Are the 12 words empowered to unlock all tokens with their respective wallets held in the account? Meaning private keys and public addresses of Bat, Eth, Neo, etc etc ?

So in case I lose my password, two factor authentication, encrypted key, backup code etc etc the 12 words, if spoken correctly, will unlock the account?

Correct :slight_smile:

More specifically, you can think of your 12 words as a pseudo-RNG “seed” that can deterministically generate private keys and addresses for any wallet. This also means you must guard your 12 words very carefully, since anyone will be able to generate all your private keys if they have access to your 12 words.


Can the 12 words ever be changed?

We don’t support a user friendly way of doing this. But I believe you can just create a new account and then send over all your funds. You cannot choose your own 12 words, for fairly obvious reasons.

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Never share your seed key.

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I would like to test the 12 words. How do I go about doing that? I could not figure out how to restore an account completely with the 12 words.

When you created the account you had to confirm the words. If you want to get extra you can just go to “My profile” > “accounts” and check if your backup is the same as what is shown there when you unlock the keys.


Hi there, so nice of you to reply to me. I was actually going to try to document for my wife on how to recover our account in case something happens to me. You know, hopefully it is wife friendly in terms of restoring the crypto account.

I was able to verify that the 12 words that I wrote down are the 12 words on the website. My question is more about completely restoring the account from scratch.

I think this is what you’re looking for:

It doesn’t really make sense to talk about “restoring from scratch” except in the context of no longer having your password.

Yes, that is it.

on the contrary, there are quite a few projects that simply require your 12 words or so, to completely restore the account and all the funds. No need for any passwords. So the question does make sense at least to me and others.
A little different than I’m used to but still quite simple.

Also I’m noting that the email must be the same email that registered the account.

This could be a hindrance if one cannot get into the email.

I’m looking at it from a how to educate family members to restore an account for me perspective in case I pass away etc

So, can someone else’s / alternative email address plug in the 12 words and restore the account?

I also hope your wife is friendly and she doesn’t steal your funds :wink:

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Not currently. But as long as you have the 12 words, you can regenerate your wallet private keys separately from Nash and access your funds that way.

It would be cool if later there might be an offline tool to generate the keys from the 12 words. Because with a ledger it does not work. Since Fabio said that it is due to any index should be different in Ledger. :blush:

This exists and is part of the BIP39 spec. Here’s a sample implementation. Caveat: I haven’t tested that site for any data exfiltration or anything so be smart and don’t paste your 12 words into random online tools people link :slight_smile: You can generate and use dummy phrases to see how BIP39 works. Our generated wallets are BIP-44 compliant so given your 12 words and the appropriate path parameters, you (or anyone else) will be able to get your keys.

Ok I will test it tomorrow. I just said the ledger also sticks to BIP39, but it does not work. I will report :sunglasses:

And that’s why an offline tool would be good…

Thank you for your answer :ok_hand:

Just to be clear (forgive me if you’re familiar already), BIP39 and BIP44 are different specs. I’m not familiar with how you are inputting the mnemonic into Ledger, but you have to also provide the correct path parameters. Otherwise, the derived keys will indeed be different.