10k NEX Group

(Toni R) #1

Those of you with 10k NEX or more, what is gonna be your strategy when the exchange is released? Will you sell a percentage and stake the other, or stake everything, or sell everything, or…?

(TAT3AN) #2

I personally would never state how many I hold wether it’s 1 or 100,000 but I’ll be staking most and keeping some to sell for ROI

(.) #3

it would be interesting to get feedback from entire community (not just 10K + people!)

(Mao Mao) #4

i personally feel, for me, its too early in the game to sell when it launches tbh. When the licenses come in, there will be a boom in NEX price for anticipation for more pairs to be listed and fees will be generated. And when more fiat pairs are available, including ST are onboard on NEX…NEX price will not be at that low levels already.

NEX team has given me the feel of the “Coinbase professionalism level”. :nex_logo:

(The Ron) #5

Independent of the number of tokens :
Sell 1/3 (if price > $ 20,-) , stake 2/3.
Re-invest the 1/3 or keep it in fiat or stablecoin, depending on the market (bull / bear).

(Toni R) #6

I’m not stating that I own 10k or more. Maybe it is only curiosity :grin:
(I agree with u)

(Nikita Babaev) #7

Not if, when :slightly_smiling_face: