Will Nash be your primary exchange?

Well that’s my biggest problem with the exchange personally, but it is certainly the best way to attract big investors and maximised the volume. But I also foresee crypto investment as becoming some kind of activism way to protest against the corrupt financial system that we have today. I’m French, and I swear that if there is a way to evade taxes for the greater number, we will do, just like we illegally download moves with torrents today (with only about 100 fines in 7 years). Because when a minister of economy, Jérôme Cahuzac, lie shamelessly to the people saying that he doesn’t own any bank account in Switzerland, and he is prosecuted months after for fiscal evasion and we find out he had a bank account in Switzerland… But anyway, I will not try to evade taxes, but privacy and data management is still a necessity, even if they will give all our data to our tyrannic governments.

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I hope Nex will be my primary exchange. I use now Binance and Kraken (Kraken for Fiat, Binance for buying Neo)

I don’t need many small-caps.

What would hook me: Being able to DCA into stuff.

It’s difficult to always think about buying BTC. If I can automate this process (send weekly/monthly money to the Nex-account, and if the nex-account has sufficient funds, it buys always at a set time for a set amount until a (funds are empty) or b (amount x has been reached) or c (amout x has been spent).

I want it to be that easy. Make it easy for me to set up and you will have recurring fees every week, 52 times a year.

Ps. Hi @Edge, nice to see you in this community as well.

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