Where are the paid fees stored?


(Alex Forward) #1

I wonders what happens with the fees collected through the matching engine.
For example the matching engine executed a trade and charged 10ETH in fees.
The staking contract is paying out monthly. So what happens in the meantime?

A) the fees are send to a (cold) wallet controlled by Nash
B) the fees are send straight the orderbooks to liquidate into something else
C) the fees are send directly to fee some distrubution contract
D the fees remain in the separate state channels and released/emptied once a month
E) …

  • How does fee collection work ?
  • Are collected fees subject to hacking attacks ?
  • How does fee distribution work ?

What is the flow for this 10ETH collected fees from the example ?

(FCC) #2

1 - Fees are taken at the order execution.
2 - Fees are divided and sent in two portions, a staking account and a company account.
3 - A running process distributes fees following staking on the blockchain from staking account to users accounts.

All this happens really fast, the staking account should be always zero. Only the user can sign a transfer from his account. Everyone staking has a open channel with the staking account.

(EC) #3

How frequently can stakers claim dividends?
Are they payed out automatically as they are collected or only once a user elects to receive?
Can one hold off claiming 6 months worth of dividends and then receive them in one go?