What was the lowest price for NEX? (some people say it was $0.3 on Blockfolio in Nov 2018)

Personally, I know that $0.9 was ATL for NEX.

Somewhere around that, can’t quite recall. Maybe $0.86


Lowest was around $0.9 for short time.Most of the time in 2018 when market was falling, Nex was holding at $1 (original price).
It makes me sad, saying It was never $0.3 hehe, that would make some of us very happy to get it that cheap.

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I have found out that chart from Blockfolio is some hybrid from 2 charts. And it shows that NEX has been around from 2016. :joy:
conclusion: don’t trust blockfolio’s charts


Blockfolio is not correct, especially the time before the ico is completely wrong.
in december 2018, when bitcoin reached its low point, the price was just under a dollar. This and now the sale after mvp release were so far the only time where the price was just under / one dollar.
I think it pays off that each of the investors from the ico (private and industrial) paid the same price. and of course the ico lottery

Blockfolio isn’t working anymore… It only worked in 2017… since January 2018 I only have some red lines…

Good one :sweat_smile:

$0.9 is the lowest price is remember as well.
It was never much lower than ICO price. Just these about 10%

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