What happens to funds inside state channels when the nodes go offline (and stay offline)?

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I understood that during a trading position the tokens required to execute the trade are locked in a state channel. Right ?

  • Q: Can tokens be recovered in case the entire state channel network goes offline ? More specifically: Can the tokens be recovered during the time the state channel network is offline ?

Is seems technically difficult to have the native chain (ERC20 token --> Ethereum network) checking for the presence of a state channel, and if the state channel went offline, to reverse a transaction. (invalidating the funds assigned to the state channel and ‘sending’ tokens back to rightful owners wallet.)

  • Q: Does Nash has a system in place that can independently monitor the state channel network and unlock the locked funds if the channel does not behave as expected ?
    In other words: How does Nash technically make sure all tokens ‘flow’ to the rightful owner in case Nash apocalypticly (suddenly) disappears ?
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By definition a state channel has the dispute phase on the blockchain itself. So in the apocalyptic case people will withdraw directly from the blockchain, they will need to wait the dispute period which is the time lock contract.
This is the same case as a dispute - in this case Nash is disagreeing with the user by not replying with an acknowledgement but failing to provide a signed update from the user.