Unable to View Portfolio & Staking since recent DB migration

I’m sure the team is already aware and support has a bunch of tickets open already just creating this post to confirm that’s the case.

Nothing is working for me. I can only sign in.

Same here, unable to view anything on both desktop and mobile phone :S

It’s working again!

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It seems to be working, only Tier verification under portfolio is not correct. I am Tier 3, but under trading limits of a piar it states I am tier 1

look at me now :joy::


It’s the same with me :slight_smile:

It is a visual glitch (unfortunately :sob:). We are working on fixing the regressions.

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I thought it’s part of GA (“easy KYC Tier 2”) :joy:

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Hi @canesin, there is also the problem when trying to open the app.nash.io in safari, the page is blank and does not allow me to access the wallet, but when doing it in brave if it loads and I can access it