Trying to trade i found its not userfriendly

I decided to buy some link with eth and had to remember to move some eth to my trading account ( had to remember because if i look at my portfolio i dont know where are my funds).
Then i sent my eth to the trading account…from personal to trading… i clicked on Max but nearly 5 $ were left in my personal account.
Now i moved on trade. here i don’t see the amount of eth available.
Im used to click on a price i’d like to buy, then adjust it a little bit and try to buy the max at this price with ALL the amount available.
Its 3 years im in the crypto space and being using a lot of exchanges making at least 3/4 trade a month ( so im not an expert neither a beginner)

I really think we should make it easier…taking the best of other exchanges its not a shame as well as ask newbies opinions

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The reason they implement this is that you need a little bit funds to pay transfer fees.

“Max” used to prefill the input with all of your ETH, except that if people didn’t have funds to pay the fees to move their tokens from trading contract to personal account.

There are plenty of solutions to this, which are more or less costly. I don’t know where Nash team stands on this: my guess is this was deemed the best temporary solution.

This topic is discussed in several other threads. I’ll try to undig them for you.

As for your other feedbacks:

On this, I somewhat agree with you. I believe that it could be smoother in terms of following your funds:

When I send funds from Personal to Trading, I would like:

  • to get redirected to the trading area (most likely my last traded pair for the token I just transfered, otherwise the most traded pair for this token). Maybe to not be too brutal, a “Send and start trading” main button and a “Send and stay” secondary button (wording to be improved)

  • in the trading area, I want to see a clear visual that I have initiated a transfer, with a loader (which shows me that it will update automatically, I don’t have to refresh)

  • when transfer is done and my funds are available for trading, I also want a clear visual indication that I’m good to go.

@Nathaniel I noticed a small info icon was added there, notifying you when a transfer is pending:

Not sure if this is new or if I had missed it before, but IMO it’s not enough.


Just created few trades on Eth-Bat pair and i notice one thing that’s very annoying and that is for each trade i need to insert password and 2FA all over again. Is there any way to avoid it for several hour when i made first trade? If not some kind of option like that should be implemented(after first input it’ should last at least for 1hour )


1.Yesterday I made over 30 trades. It was a torture. Do it like Kucoin did it: you have to insert 2fa (or another code) BEFORE the trade (once every several hours). It’s scary to place Market order with current speed and constant password+2fa requests.
2. If you click on a price in Recent trades section you get this error:
3. When you want to sell something you click on the price in the Order book, then it puts this price in the Limit price field but adds up + 0.00000001 (or it rounds 0.00000018 to .00000020) and you can’t sell anything. Instead it just creates Sell order with a little higher price than first current Buy order in the Order book.
4.Negative status of the order (e.g. -3%). It happens when you are trying to sell more than it’s in a first current Buy order in the Order book.
5. Please, make it to be ALWAYS visible. (25%-100%)
6. Please, please, PLEASE make these warnings dissapear on a simple click!

This is the most frustrating parts of trading on Nash right now. It feels very slow, takes a lot of actions to remove them and it irritates a LOT.


Nice feedback, thanks @kazanchev !

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One more thing:

I’ve sold 37.6 LINK (100%) but it shows it’s only 6% completed.

Also made a trade, wanted to buy some NEO with ETH to try the trading proces. I did not have to put in my 2FA in order to trade. Either a very fast fix or i missed something. (maybe order was not big enough) :slight_smile:

I’m not a very frequent trader, so i’m not using much of the advanced features. But something bothered me. I bought 6 NEO with some ETH. At least I thought I did; I seemed to have bought 5.9742151 NEO. Ok, this is probably the fee, but i don’t want 5.9742151 NEO, I want 6 NEO.

From a simple user perspective (when I buy 6 banana’s at the supermarket, I get 6 banana’s. Not 5,97 banana’s.) this seems weird. It would make more sense to me if I had to pay a touch more ETH for my 6 NEO. But maybe its just me and have to get used to this way of working.


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You should contact support and delete your post here.

Also, when i try to get ETH to my trading account and press “MAX”, it comes up with 0.223 maximum?? I had to manually insert the maximum amount.

Don’t insert Max amount, you will not be able to withdraw anything.

P.S. FYI it’s written on the screenshot

Ok, I can read that in the info below the box. but i’m trying to approach this with a unexperienced user in mind. Just like with my banana’s post; it is not intuitive this way. There are other ways to deal with minimum account balances in my opinion. If not, then don’t use the word “MAX” but recommended?

that’s the point of this notification, don’t you think?

Yes, I agree with you. But i’m talking intuitive interface. Don’t use the word MAX, use recommended. If you press MAX, you expect MAX imo. Lots of people (1 billion users = the goal) will not read the fine print.
The GUI should be as intuitive as it gets. Nobody cares about blockchain fees, you don’t want to be confronted with tech stuff imo.

Blockchain doesn’t care about the people not caring about the fees. It’s how it works. MAX is a possible maximum in this context, it’s not 100% of your wallet. And it’s better that way. Otherwise you will spend all your ETH and will be unable to withdraw it from Trading Contract. That’s the worst situation IMO.

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C also doesn’t care about people assigning memory wrong. But yet i have never had to do that on my MacBook… Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with the fact that you should protect people. But I don’t agree with “that’s how it works.” Why bother building NASH in the 1st place. IDEX also works.

Tell us your idea how it should be implemented. I’m all ears. But don’t use words like “maybe”, “something like that” etc. I think you just want to spend 100% of your money (use “Post only” and be a maker instead of a taker, hence no fees) and all the fees should be completely under the hood, in a black box = obscure (put your idea here).

To have a non-custodial trading platform.

Try to buy BTC on IDEX.

I’m figuring out the market-maker bot, and here are a few thing i stumbled on:

  1. I’m based in the Netherlands. I get the message that USDC isn’t available in my region. Is this correct? If so, I currently have no options on NASH to trade back into a stable coin which is a big issue for me setting up the bot.

  2. When sending funds from the trading contract back to you’re personal account, the ‘max’ button should integrate the network fee automatically, now I have to adjust manually which is annoying.

  3. Do you still need to shut down your 2FA on your account for the Market-maker bot to function properly? If so, that feels quite vulnerable tbh. Can’t the program be made to work so that you only have to fill in your 2FA once when starting/stopping the bot?


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A non custodial trading platform with BTC is the main goal for the exchange (although part over a much broader platform) A user friendly GUI and a thriving community is another big goal.

Condition for a thriving community is to be able to give your feedback/opinion in a polite way, For users of any level.

I gave my feedback regarding the GUI and on the adage “That’s how it works”. To use the word “RECOMMENDED” in stead of “MAX” was my idea/solution. I have never stated that you should be obscure about fees, I said that the average novice user does not care about fees (and probably should not be confronted with anything close to technical blockchain stuff).

If my feedback/solution is irrelevant, that is fine. Some of my earlier feedback was implemented, other feedback was ignored.

I appreciate the fact that people (like yourself) point out things that I may have overlooked or that are already answered in other topics. So thank you for the comment; “I think you just want to spend 100% of your money (use “Post only” and be a maker instead of a taker, hence no fees)”.

Maybe I should only be using the basic exchange, or maybe the user experience is not yet completely on par with the goal of ‘top notch usability’ since we are still in MVP stage, who knows.

But: “I’m all ears. But don’t use words like “maybe”, “something like that” etc.”, is not a very constructive way of interacting IMO. Are you part of the team? Or a moderator? Because they all sound a little bit more polite…

Yeah. Still waiting on USDC pairs being available in EU