Trying to trade i found its not userfriendly

I decided to buy some link with eth and had to remember to move some eth to my trading account ( had to remember because if i look at my portfolio i dont know where are my funds).
Then i sent my eth to the trading account…from personal to trading… i clicked on Max but nearly 5 $ were left in my personal account.
Now i moved on trade. here i don’t see the amount of eth available.
Im used to click on a price i’d like to buy, then adjust it a little bit and try to buy the max at this price with ALL the amount available.
Its 3 years im in the crypto space and being using a lot of exchanges making at least 3/4 trade a month ( so im not an expert neither a beginner)

I really think we should make it easier…taking the best of other exchanges its not a shame as well as ask newbies opinions

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The reason they implement this is that you need a little bit funds to pay transfer fees.

“Max” used to prefill the input with all of your ETH, except that if people didn’t have funds to pay the fees to move their tokens from trading contract to personal account.

There are plenty of solutions to this, which are more or less costly. I don’t know where Nash team stands on this: my guess is this was deemed the best temporary solution.

This topic is discussed in several other threads. I’ll try to undig them for you.

As for your other feedbacks:

On this, I somewhat agree with you. I believe that it could be smoother in terms of following your funds:

When I send funds from Personal to Trading, I would like:

  • to get redirected to the trading area (most likely my last traded pair for the token I just transfered, otherwise the most traded pair for this token). Maybe to not be too brutal, a “Send and start trading” main button and a “Send and stay” secondary button (wording to be improved)

  • in the trading area, I want to see a clear visual that I have initiated a transfer, with a loader (which shows me that it will update automatically, I don’t have to refresh)

  • when transfer is done and my funds are available for trading, I also want a clear visual indication that I’m good to go.

@Nathaniel I noticed a small info icon was added there, notifying you when a transfer is pending:

Not sure if this is new or if I had missed it before, but IMO it’s not enough.