Thought the Nash icon was supposed to be rounded?

(Alex Forward) #1

I see this new icon has a squared Nash icon. yet I thought I understood the new icon would be presented in a circle ? Just not sure why its in square now…
Same thing with the community’ favicon…
(apologies if I am nitpicking…)

(Trust Yourselves ) #2

Yep I’m wondering the same

(Trust Yourselves ) #3

@Nathaniel @chris.fenwick

(Kelvin Fugara) #4

where did you see that?

(Alex Forward) #5

Its in the top corner next to the topics title, fixed navigation after scrolling a page up.
If you can’t see it. Try to refresh this page while holding down shift key to refresh browser cache… The square is also visible in the sites favicon.
Article about the rebrand:

(Alex Forward) #6

UPDATE: favicon just changed here…

(Len) #7


Just noticed as well! Man they are constantly working on here :see_no_evil:

(Alex Forward) #8

Changes were made…The icon is now rounded (circle). :lock:

(Nathaniel) closed #9