This team just keeps the productivity coming...welcome BTC!

I can go out take a bottle of bear now.


This is the news we’ve all been waiting for, amazing job by the team for coming up with yet another revolutionary innovation! Decentralization for the win!


What so cool is that if this was another project they would have hyped the Fu** out of figuring this out. Instead Nash have said nothing so far


Huge news to have this announced before the beta!! Love the Nash team, what other decentralized non-custodial exchange with stunning UX and FIAT gateways with a built in payment system can trade BTC, ETH, and NEO as base pairs… HUH NOBODY? GO NASH!

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Hands down the best part about this project it the clear and precise announcements/dialogue that the team conveys.

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I had a dream where we just pushed it live when ready.
(ready = production implementation + security pass)


I had a dream we were a top 5 exchange within a year :sunglasses:


Is there any way to know how far along the BTC implementation is? To be honest I am not too sure what ‘protocol spec’ really is or means, how close is that?

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We are not giving time frames on development anymore. We will do so on testing and running products (like referral), but not on dev.


I don’t like how Nash refuses to hype the sh*t out of their achievements.
Just imagine that this was done on Binance “DEX”. CZ would have blown his biggest trumpet ever :sweat_smile:
Nash team, we are so so proud of you :clap::clap::clap::clap:

Spot on! They are professionals. #NotYourAverageCryptoTeam

Following up the question @Hatertots has raised: What exactly means ‘protocol specs’ ?
Does it mean you are done with the concept and can start developing the protocol? then testing and somewhere in the future implementation?


They are professionals and interested in long term growth not quick pump and dumps. I dont expect them to do things the way most other coins do. Which is good for those of us that are here for the long run

Wondering exactly the same. Having the specs could mean “we have it just on paper, but need to start building it” as well.

i think if you can define the specs, the buidling is easy,

A protocol specification is a big endeavor! It is not simply a description - it has the establishment of technical interfaces and data structures, how they should be and behave. The specification is also critical for security analysis, you should be able to prove the desired security properties of a protocol using its specification. After the specification you implement it and review if the implementation conforms to the specification, if not you ask why and improve what is needed.

Example, WASM spec:


So even though you say no dev time frames… it should hopefully be there for launch… thats the best case senario that everyone wanted, and the exchange needs. Great work guys. :smiley:

I am so happy to hear this!!
Great work. Thank’s to the team for the great work so far!


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Thanks for clarifying this subject. Speaking for myself this makes it much easier to understand what kind of underlying work is involved.