The team will guarantee communities are productive

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The point of this forum is to gather constructive feedback and share useful information.

Not spreading negativity.

You mostly bring valuable feedback and information:

But sometimes let yourself slip into unconstructive negativity:

Which can give the - wrong I’m sure - impression about you:

So maybe this “cooloff” was exactly what you needed? :slightly_smiling_face:

If you need to have vivid discussions, there are more suited - unofficial - places like telegram.


how could you post that if you have been silenced?

I’ve staked 1 NEX.

and yet you’re still able to speak your mind on this forum :thinking:

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That was just a loophole. The point is you don’t silence ICO participants so freely (if you truly respect them).

i guess the silencing function of the forum isnt functioning properly :sweat_smile:

However I tend to agree that mutes on the forum should be last resorts, keeping it a open place for everyone. As long as - what oldsport also said- it is constructive.

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Eh, I’m okay with it. I’m sure most users on this forum see your username and expect a negative comment at this point.

It’s not like you were silenced for exposing wrong-doing or offering a solution Nash didn’t like. You were silenced for a continued trend of general negativity. What’s unacceptable is some people’s inability to recognize when they’re being rightfully punished.


Respect works both ways.

It is a good trait to learn to discuss and to convey your opinion correctly without being spammy, irritated/aggressive.

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Participating is ICO is not a license to be toxic and spamming threads with negativism. You are not tied permanently to NASH by any means. Rather than been negative all the time and sound disrespect to the team’s effort while not sell your tokens and move on. I think you can spend your time in more productive way by doing other things or invest in those other projects that you believe in. We basically don’t need your kind of negative energy here. That’s my opinion.


It is very much acceptable in my view. You do not have a right to continually poisoning the mind of other people and downplay team’s effort. This is a private forum and you need to be constructive if you want to stay here.


Maybe instead of mute the admin can limit you to one post per day so whenever people see it they can just scroll past. Multiple negative posts per thread is no fun for anyone.

Your opinion is based on very shallow analysis. I’ve been promoting Nash everywhere since ICO, been using the exchange (almost each day) and providing feedback from day 1. Now I started to notice some things that I really don’t like (maybe that’s the root of the “negativity”): some questions are just ignored on this forum, people asking them just being passivle-agressively hushed (and we really have reasons to be frustrated), topics closed and as a pinnacle of it all - today I was silenced from the forum. Let’s wait for another 6 months and see how things go from here (GA).


If the company is not aligned the “way you want it to function” sell and move on. Spare yourself and us with your constant bickering. I am sure you must be having more important things to do in life.


I understand you, everyone can be frustrated including the team when you are dealing with things that are not 100% within your control. NASH is unique in term of technology and more particularly due to compliance. Dealing with regulatory bodies in Europe and America is not an easy task. Those guys are never in a hurry, you just do your bit and try every strategy to get them to answer you on time. We have to keep our eye on the mid-long term. Once everything is in place, I have no doubt NASH will be success. Is good to have everyone around in the community including you. Lets just try to manage our emotions at times and probably take a break once in a while if that will help. No hard feelings…


Yes I understand your point of view @kazanchev… And I am 100% against censorship! Fabio is almost the only one from the team present on the forum, and some questions are left unanswered. But I also understand that it is hard to build NASH and that often questions have been answered by the past, or it is simply impossible to give one. I also hope the dialogue gets more dynamic once we are in GA, and that things will be moving fast from then.


I am a child? just because I tell people they can just be calm if they have nothing to contribute? what happened to the forum. :imp:

While I don’t wanna add something specifically to this case, I want to say that I personally would have missed @kazanchev here. Not because I am always 100% behind his statements, but because he his able to cover opinions coming from different standpoints. He gives constructive feedback, he gives unconstructive feedback, he expresses frustration and he expresses hope and excitement. Looking at the nature of this forum (‘private’, a relatively small group of ‘bag-holders’ and therefore more or less biased), I think it is important to have ambivalent characters in here in order to have different inputs and better discussions. And yes, to conclude, I am 99% against censorship. (1% excluded as there always is the possibilty that someone just joins to purely troll).
I personally experienced some kind of disrespectful behavior on all sides. People who critizised the team, people who defended the team and yes, even from the team itself. That being said, we should all reevalute our thoughts and behavior from time to time. Knowing this is all based my very own perception, I wanna add that if something is ‘rightfull’, ‘constructive’, ‘toxic’, ‘useful’, ‘negative’ and/or ‘(dis-)respectful’ is a matter of perception aswell. So I would kindly ask the community once again to speak for yourself. Please avoid using things like “we …”, 'the community…", “most people…”,… That’s nothing more than trying to give your voice more weight and you shouldn’t do that. I originally didn’t want to comment here, but I just can’t stand it when people talk like the would talk for me aswell. And again, yes, that’s my own perception and opinion and I’ll try to reevalute the latter from time to time too.

Cheers for listening, J.


Well said @JustUS & @Oldsport
I do not support any of the negativity and nonconstructive comments that have come from a few members of the community, not just @kazanchev, who has been singled out this time, a little unfairly I might add, however, emotions are running high among the community currently for various reasons.

That being said, I do understand the emotions that are expressed, everyone here is invested and for many people discussing things that directly effect their financial futures can be stressful!

Regardless, we need to keep the discussions here constructive, polite and courteous!

We need to remember, we all come from different walks of life!
From different cultures and different up bringing’s!
This means we will misunderstand each other from time to time, so we have to be vigilante and together ensure this community stays it’s course and continue to help Nash achieve it’s mission in bringing decentralized finance to everyone

If together we can continue to be the best kind of community I am sure my dream will come true!
Peace and love my Nash friends :smiley: :heart:
Thanks for listening! :slight_smile:


Let’s not forget it is just a silence of a few days. Not that big of a deal in my opinion, but yes I see opinions differ about that.

In my opinion a silence is justifiable in some cases. If you are hijacking a thread with a lot of negativity on almost every comment of other members, maybe a few day silence to calm down is actually what you need. Especially when you are a person who most of the time has contructive comments like others pointed out. Maybe s few day silence would have let it all sink in a bit and you could give your thoughts in a more constructive instead of emotional way.

Also to add, I see this forum as very open actually. Which is good, but sometimes I feel like people take this ‘freedom’ a bit too far and think they can say whatever they want even if it’s quite disrespectful to other members or to the team.

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