The importance of spreading the word about Nash on social media channels

Though it’s happened accidentally but SUDDENLY we on a channel with 328k subscribers. :wink:


Nice :grin:

I will actually stop promoting Nash for now…been doing it the last 12 months on a daily basis. But as long as Nash doesnt do it themselves I am not interested wasting my time on it either. Still too many things missing - Stable for EU, BTC Trading, Nex Trading, high potential trading pairs, SEPA etc.

Right now it is pretty much a mobile ledger for me with my main coins still missing though.

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Did you notice any spike in tickets?

Rofl, I like how he’s talking about ponzi schemes and scams, and your post just happens to have “giveaway!” in it.

Who are you reffering to? That guy who tweeted it is not here. Btw you can’t see his refferal code in this video.

ah right’o, I just assumed it was you who tweeted it.

That is great, but I think that even greater is to recommend Nash as the crypto solution in your personal relationships. We want our friends to be safe and included in the digital economy, and we hope our community trust Nash to be their first and last gateway for this revolution.


Completely agree. That’s why 11 people from my inner circle have passed KYC already.