Strange e-mail (is it a phishing scam?)

I received this several minutes ago. What is this? @canesin


It’s a fake replica of Nash community forum:

Guys, always check you’re on, nothing else.

I’m guessing the idea behind it is to steal the private key you use to log into the forum.
(Joke is: they didn’t even make the effort to update it to the latest topics… Anyone would have been suspicious.)

It’s a good sign: when malicious attempts become a thing, it means you’re on the right track :wink:


I am talking to support now, they’ve said it’s an official forum (“It’s a link from nash but an internal one”)

:sweat_smile: that email should not have been triggered.

It is our staging environment that we were testing the community migration with the new backend rules.


Ok, I jumped to conclusion too fast, my bad!

Many thing didn’t add up, like why your avatar was not copied correctly and why the “Log in” button wasn’t working.

I know what this means though… :innocent:


immediately im thinking integration with exchange or mobile app … one of them or both

I have received the same email but did not follow the link because the sender was very suspicious. thanks @canesin for clarifying. I leave you a link where you can check if your email has been compromised at any time and be calmer or increase security by changing passwords periodically. hackers never rest and we must be prepared in case they attack. :nash_token: :white_check_mark:

When would the new community site launched?