Retry transfer

I have to say I don’t understand the UX here:

After I have clicked “Send” to transfer funds from my Trading contract to my Personal account, the button goes from “Confirming” to “Sending” to this:


I did read the message “Your balance is…”, but as a User when I see a big blue “Submit transfer” and it’s exactly what I’m trying to achieve, I don’t think twice and click it right away.

I’d say 90+% of users will click it again. So my suggestion would be:

  • reduce the importance of this button (color wise at least)
  • show it only after a certain amount of time (30s?)
  • change the wording to “Retry transfer”

…or even better: all of the above :wink:


Oh, this button…I had to press it 50 times with no result. The most frustrating part is when there’s issue with Nash or any blockchain or when everything is working properly and you just need to wait a little this button looks the same.

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My transfer didn’t go through… So I’m guessing there is something I don’t understand…?

Retried it just now and it worked instantly going from “Decrypting” to “Confirming” to “Sending” to “Sent” (and no “Submit transfer” button).

Does it depend on current blockchain speed? Could some shed some light on this?