Refund fees when reversing recent order. [twitter bad Coinbase experience story]

(Alex) #1

I saw following tweet:

I was wondering if we could offer a soulution so he wouldn’t call Nash a scam if he would do the same on Nash platform…
allowing to reverse an order. At current market, but without the fees. (and limit the feature so it cannot be used to make profit.) Just a reverse basically.

What intrigued me more was his comment telling more about his motive:

“Relax everyone. I didn’t do this so I could buy $50 of ETH. I’m working on something and was using it for research. Just was surprised at my findings.”

He was learning. So I think we should help those people. Derisking their actions the best possible.

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(Mao Mao) #2

i dont think u can call an exchange a “scam” since the fees are all laid out for you to read before you trade. It’s a company, they earn through fees from trades.


(Alex) #3

Agree. Either way it remains a bad user experience. He was clearly not expecting this and maybe felt not enough informed. The question is if Nash could improve this guys experience somehow. (and if it would be an added value for the Nash brand and platform)


(Bunder) #4

Binance is a Scam hihi

Watch Chico Crypto’s new video where he exposes CZ and his fake DEX.

The crypto space needs Nash! :rocket:

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(Alex) #5

OFF TOPIC: I’ve seen this video. I do not agree with these type of biased anti-campaigns. We haven’t even launched an exchange. Jealousy often triggers bullying. That’s what’s going on here and I’m not participating in this.
(Yet I do share the exciting feelings for the Nash exchange launch.)


(EC) #6

I’m pretty sure he’s not motivated by jealousy (in the case of CZ) and this isn’t an ‘anti-campaign’. The Binance ‘DEX’ is a fake DEX and he’s just calling it what it is. As Fabio said anyone can hire a dev team to do a fork of tendermint and have 1 second block time/finality when you’ve got a bunch of centralised nodes. I think it’s important that anyone who’s eagerly awaiting the Binance DEX watches this video.

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(Mao Mao) #7

i dont really like that chico person…ever since he made false accusations on certain projects for his own benefit…i unsub from him. Anyone who watches youtube vids should just take a grain of salt and do some researching first and not believe in someone just like that. (not taking sides here). anyway it is…i hope crypto can go do mass adoption rather than people falsely accusing others for their own pay check.


(Alex) #8

What was the topic of this post again ?


(Nick) #9

Powerbanks :wink:

On topic: yeah good point, it’s all about communicating clearly.


(FCC) #10

@Alex so basically some kind of “cancel order” that leave you at an intermediary step … I think it can be made if we control the gateway, which is not our case at launch and we are a market place for on/off providers. Issue is if he had the ETH already and it crashed because it is highly volatile and he felt it was a “scam” because his expectations were that it should not be the case.