Referral activations

Question about the new referral activation system, I thought it was said that in December we would see our tickets activated if we stake 10 NEX or have 5 referrals activated. I have both but my ticket has not been activated yet, has that time for it to show not been reached yet?

Also will those who have been referred but not activated be notified by email to activate their tickets using the various methods? I have hundreds of non activated referral tickets and there is only 22 days left in the referral campaign so just curious of the plan for that.

They said they would write an email notification. You just need to wait.

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Thanks. Looking forward when all my 17 referrals are getting activated :slight_smile:

I need just one ticket to win the 15k of NEX :arrow_right: :new_moon_with_face:

Looks like my ticket activated with the maintenance today, so that looks good now.

Interested in this too. I received an email saying my ticket isn’t activated yet, but I have all my NEX staked for 2 years and so does one of my referrals.

I have the same issue; i know refferals who staked nex-tokens, however, I didn’t receive activated tickets for that

They said status would be updated to activated sometime this month. Still some time left before the draw but expect it will be fixed soon.


Thanks! good to know, no rush :slight_smile: Was wondering because of the adds on twitter about the referrals…