Receiving Nash email in SPAM folder

Did you receive the “Referral program extended” email in your regular INBOX or was it in the SPAM/Junk folder ?

  • SPAM folder

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– Mine was in SPAM/JUNK and I found this rather disturbing tbh. Fix email please.
If I had promoted this to my peers, they would only get more suspicious because of this… I mean Nash gotta earn trust. Not very helpful if spamfilters classify its communication under SPAM.


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Hoe can we trust you? When your user’s profile is hidden? Are you afraid of something?

Stop complaining on the team and help them to solve this problem. Give some advice if you know how it works. If you don’t know, just send a normal message or start a normal topic!

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Please define ‘normal’


We are aware and track delivery. There has been continued new servers added and warmed to improve delivery.

For the referral email:

This is a very adversarial space, we have constantly enhanced email validations to avoid Russian bots that tag us as spam to decrease delivery. I was the one that personally sent the referral email and the list was built from a query of verified emails (people that clicked on the verification) specifically to avoid reputation damage.

Thank you for the report! Just a heads up that our team is made mainly of senior engineers with an average of +30y of age and +10y of professional experience, this kind of post just takes off our time to reply. We would appreciate much more if you use your skills to find bugs or vulnerability in the deploys or give product suggestions.

For the people receiving at SPAM, you can help improving our email delivery by marking that as not SPAM!



Good, now we know what to do to help! Thanks

a bunch of nash fans are in the community channel and we can help if you need a first pass to filter, all we need is a “junk” button :smile:

There’s also things you can do on your end. I have filters in my email to automatically label anything that comes in with “Nash” in it anywhere so that I make sure I don’t miss it.

It was in my inbox.

However, I do always get a broken logo image on top of my mails (also in the beta versions).

In the beta versions, this was caused because by the fact that the images were stored on the beta server, which occasionally went down for a reset.
Can you load this image?
Because this is the image they’re using in the referral email.

By the way, to the mods over here, the logo in the email has different colors: image

Thanks for the report nick, I will push that image to to same place as the other in the email, that must solve it. I must say that when testing all went well but I did receive a report like that but couldn’t reproduce. Can you see the image from the link @vt0 posted above ?

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Yeah it’s weird because I can load the image separately, but it’s included as a broken image in the mail.

The image points to:

But when visiting it does load. Strange…