Questions for the team - Jan 2020

Uh, oke. Cool

Monthly. $100m/mo is around half of the break-even figure mentioned and would double their runway


Two diff moments, 1st TOP100 than TOP50. I explained it before (link to older thread below). But right now we are chasing the initial target still. If we break into the first (~3M/day = $100/mo) it open some interesting options to us as a business.


Futures came up in the AMA … but margin trading did’nt … wondering if we are in the same bucket as Fabian said “legal constraints… broker dealer etc”

could be a decent product to allow decentralised lending to traders … will have to have timelocks and conditions built in to close the channel i suppose and return the balance to the lender with interest.


Kyber Network is already doing ~10M/day in volume trades with only ERC-20 and that makes me even more bullish on NEX. I believe Nash has much larger potential than Kyber with BTC markets, new listings and Nash Pay. Solid team, revolutionary technology, strong product pipeline to go live this year and growing market with more people getting into crypto every single day.

Have a great weekend you’ll.