Q1 2020 Quarterly Report: Post your AMA questions here!

Hi, everyone!

Our quarterly report and AMA for Q1 2020 will be streamed online on 24 April at 18:00 UTC. We’ll post the link from our Twitter account shortly before the event.

Please use this thread to post your questions for the AMA. Upvote your favorites and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Best wishes,
The Nash Team


Looking forwards to the AMA!
Let me start off by saying i love the improvement to the UI i have seen so far, and it’s great to see the team listening to the community and making this the ultimate exchange of choice for everyone.

I do have some questions i already saved up for a while.

I would love to hear the opinion of nash about the current release timetables and if they think they can improve that… We have heard quite some times now when bitcoin would arrive, but it keeps getting delayed so far. 3 times now already. And i realise that development isn’t easy and roadblocks can always form. But maybe a more extensive look towards the code is needed before calling out times of release…Or better anticipation on roadblocks. As i understand it, this hasn’t been the only time that dates were not kept for some times. I think the team would be doing really great by more carefully planning dates, keeping in mind delays and roadblocks that could form. Note that releasing something ahead of schedule does quite well and everyone loves that. So perhaps add in some extra delay to dates given… It can improve communication, expectations and therefore make nash look a more professional company, to my opinion. So what is nash’s opinion on this, if i can ask?

Not when marketing, i already know you want to ramp it up with General Availability. I would like to ask what marketing is planned. Perhaps a new referal program? Advertisements? I hope you can share a little regarding that. There are some ideas here from the community:

How is the progress to eliminate the bug of withdraw’s or deposits getting stuck? As I recall a decidated engineer was put on the job. Would love to hear how this is going, as it’s the most annoying one preventing adoption of nash in my opinion.

Thanks and hope some can be answered from these!

  • What’s the next main objective for the app: new pairs? coping with incoming volume? wallet MPC upgrade? transfers final fix?

  • Will Nash Protocol have dedicated marketing? Do you already have serious prospects? Let’s say I own a bank and sell non-crypto financial products, are my incentives to implement Nash Protocol to have an easy way into crypto and/or proposing a non-custodial solution? Or is there something more?

  • I can’t wait to use Nash Pay! Do you plan to launch with a decent number of shops having already implemented it?


As community we have seen that nash was in contact with Vitalik on Twitter. Did any further discussion happen via mail, etc.? If yes, are you willing to share some details about it? :slight_smile:


When will we see trading open to Canadians?


What is the status of the securities trading licence? When could we realistically see Nash have the ability to list securities like NEX?


Many more stable coins on the horizon, Euro etc…?

Stablecoins are coming under increased regulatory scrutiny as adoption increases… exchanges are included in FSB’s reports to the G20 as points of risk to consider.
How do you see this play out for NCE’s and CEX’s ?

Would Revolut type banking apps benefit from any non-custodial regulatory exemptions through integration with Nash ?


Hi guys

Question 1
Could you elaborate a bit about the planned bot for non tech people, please…how will it work in detail? Any time frame for launch?

Question 2
What is the latest news about the security licence? Is there a different licence needed for trading “our” native nex token then other securities or can we expect all securities at the same time?


considering the recent move by libra, what is nash’s position on cbdc’s? is it something that could be implemented in a non-custodial way?


I see you basically asked my question, so I’ll delete mine :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is the status of the Nash FIAT ramp?



in the case that the “state channels solution” not working. is there a plan b?


1) How is Nash’s financial standing / runway given the current economic turmoil?

2) Can you comment on when trading will become available for other regions - how is the progress on that front?

3) Will Nash’s marketing campaign become more aggressive with the release of General Availability? How so? Have you considered sponsoring influencers, running ads, etc?

  1. Last year Fabio mentioned on Telegram he was very bullish about a payments lead that he “would hold close to his chest” (forget the exact phrase); was that lead applying to be a Shopify payment processor? If not, can you elaborate anymore on what made @canesin bullish?

  2. When will we see the new website?

  3. Do you still consider Coinbase a competitor? If so, how do you take back market share?


it’s really nice to watch you “build”. good work.

It was probably already asked, but I still ask the questions again (because it is becoming very interesting in the new markets as an NCE):

how does it look in the long-term planning regarding the upcoming STO market (security traiding license)?

how does it look in the long-term planning regarding the upcoming digital national currencies (forex traiding)?
(China is now testing in 4 cities)


I would also like to know what the status and your thoughts are regarding security dealer license.

  • are you actively working on it?
  • what work has already been done in this regard?
  • when do you anticipate obtaining the license at the earliest?

When is Nash going to connect with liquidity providers? It is common for Nash markets to have between 10 and 55% spread on the order books. I have refrained from giving Nash approximately $50,0000-$70,000 of my volume so far because the exchange is simply not ready.


How many new tokens will Nash be listing before end of Q2? We need many more


Ive seen it mentioned that one possible way of “decentralising” the matching engine is to run a node program. Is this true and something that might come in the future?

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