Posts being incorrectly flagged

(Alex) #1

To all those flaggers. I’m out. congratz… All my contributions flagged ? I guess flag this sh*tpost instead. I’m out.
I’ve litteraly spend hours here to write some ideas down. Guess some dont like reading long threads. fine. Happy chilling NEX all over your town. I guess reading the guidlines was to much work aswel befire you started flagging. Flaggit.

(Trust Yourselves ) #2

That could be just one person doing that. Don’t get too worried about it

(Olu ) #3

Take it easy @Alex. As @Trust_Yourselves said it could be one mischievous person flagging you. Why not wait for the team to investigate.

(Ree L Spirit) #4

@Alex, I found your post to be very informative. I don’t know why someone would flag all your posts…

(Crypto King) #5

People dont like good things to show up because they dont want NEX to succeed. @Alex please kindly repost so that we can read and gain.

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(Greekscreamer) #6

Peace Bro :man_shrugging:

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(Nick) #7

I had that once to directly after posting something that contained a link. I think @Wen has a bug that does that. I don’t think 22 people flagged you so let the team check this out. @chris.fenwick

(Wen) #8

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @Wen commands.

(Carla Paiva) #9

Hi, @Alex!

The flags were all automatically generated by our system and we’re removing them now.

We’re very sorry to see this happen, since your flagged posts were full of useful contributions.

We have automated safety mechanisms in place to guard against spam, malware, etc., which can result in flags. We’re constantly reviewing the parameters that can trigger flags (e.g. the number of links in a single post, repeated links to a single domain), as well as the system’s response.

In your case, we’ve located the trigger and will be adjusting our parameters and response accordingly.

Flags are reported to all Community admins, so we become aware of issues like this quickly and can revert them.

As we grow, we will continue to improve the Community and iron our any remaining issues like this. We hope you’ll continue to contribute and find this a valuable discussion forum!

Best wishes,

Remove notifications after resolved WEN auto-flagging (notification counter reset)
(Aman) #11

@Alex you have actually helped and contributed by making the community better and letting the team know of the problem. Hope you’re not “OUT”. Also, hope the team works out a way to discourage unnecessary flagging by other community members.

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(FCC) #12

Here is one example of how the system auto-flag things:

It is hard for the system to know if a link is legitimate or not, specially on hubs where you have both types of references available. We will fine tune parameters, but a good method to avoid being flagged is to avoid external resources.

(Alex) #13

Thank you for the responses and support. I understand it was an automated action and could happen to anyone. <3

(Chris Fenwick) #14

Hopefully it won’t be happening again! We understand the source of the problem and we’re considering the best solution, which will be implemented soon.

Since you’ve had a chance to respond, I’m going to lock this thread.

Thanks again for all your contributions to the Community!

(Chris Fenwick) closed #15