Please explain what is happening with NEX liquidity?

Team Nash, could you please take the time to clarify the absence of liquidity.

What is going on?

Thank you.

Anton has already explained that Nash is not providing liquidity for Nex.

The price of Nex is an indication of market trust regarding the Nash project as a whole. The expected turnaround after the pivot was announced didn’t happen and the aggregate trust has fallen. It remains to be seen if Nash can turn this around.

Do you by any chance know, why Nash is not providing liquidity?

Hey Radu, most of the information and discussion is usually in telegram, so I just didn’t want you feeling like you were the only one alone in here. I believe the Nash official response is they weren’t the ones providing the pool liquidity in the first place. Everything about the uniswap pool and it’s lack of liquidity is basically only speculation at this point.


So there is no liquidity on Uniswap? :flushed:
That’s kinda f*cked up.

Just in case you missed it, here’s Nash’s official response