Please change your community email to match the Nash platform login email

Hi all!

Recently we communicated that we are implementing improvements in this forum, one of those is the change of the login system from using the extension to using the platform login (the same log in you do to access

On the platform users enter their email address to identify themselves, however some of our community members have different email addresses here in the community forum and in the platform. Please change your community emails to match the platform. If you don’t have an account on the platform yet this is a good moment :smiley:

To change your email go to your profile (click in your avatar picture than in your username) and go to the preferences tab:


Can’t wait to finally be able to use the community on multiple devices easily, good work Nash team!


Never shown to the public:smirk:

Done…what happens now?

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First we will do this warning, than we will send a email to all registered users with a time for this change to take place.