NEX 1 year birthday party sum-up article

(Len) #21

Hi, what I understand from this is that the matching engine (see that as the servers supporting NEX) are in the beginning of launch of exchange limited to NEX themselves. And in the future will be open for everybody to join. Then we will be able to compete somehow in trading fees just as how BTC mining works?! The more nodes the cheaper the fees…

Hope this helps and correct me if I’m wrong.

Edit: First period of time NEX won’t be a DEX cause of the centralized nodes but that will ofcourse change in the future.

(Trust Yourselves ) #22

Thanks for your reply. But does this mean that the NEX tokens won’t be worth anything in years to come? Because if people are competing to earn fees by running nodes then how will the NEX tokens earn holders fees?

(Len) #23

Token stakers won’t get the full fees of the exchange because that won’t be a business model. There will be around 3 groups profiting of the volume:

  • Stakers
  • Node
  • NEX as a company (ofcourse)

*correct me if I’m wrong

(CryptoUK1) #24

Nex stakers will always be entitled to max 75% of the exchange fees.

Any fees shared with people running matching engines in the future, must come from the company’s fees which will be a minimum of 25% but in reality will be a good bit higher than that

(Trust Yourselves ) #25

Great. Thanks for the clarification

(Hakkie) #26

Great Job

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Thanks a lot! Exactly what I needed :wink:

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Thank you that was informative

(Trust Yourselves ) #29

Would be great if you could do this again for the Q4 report.

(Len) #30

Working on it as we speak, had a pretty rough night there :wink:

(Trust Yourselves ) #31

Great to hear Len. This might become a quarterly tradition for you :grinning:. Let me know whenever you don’t have the time to do one for future reports and I’ll step in