Need help move funds to new wallet

(Alex) #1

Saw this bitcoin wallet in the grocery store and decided it was time to move some funds into crypto (with the lower prices now) and I bought it. (non-custodial!) Now I see there is no clear instructions included (all in Chinese :frowning: ).
I already made an offline wallet in MyCrypto app and it gave me the 12 words I then had to remember in the right order: garage, patient, decorate,… etc. (kept last words away for security reasons :wink: )

  • How do I send money in the wallet now ?
  • How do I connect the MyCrypto wallet to the wallet I bought (where do I enter the words ?)
  • Where do I type my password the take money out ? (it only has one button!)
  • How do I connect with the Trust wallet app ? (already downloaded from app store)

I can connect it with my phone, but nothing happens apart from charging battery.

(I also have an old hard drive (Lacie) that is still working fine. Can I maybe format this in blockchain format and send some money there ?)

Thank you
much appreciated.

UPDATE: here is a picture of the wallet I bought


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(CryptoMange) #2

I wouldn’t recommend sharing 10/12 of your seed words, probably very easy to brute force the last 2.

Please create a new wallet and DON’T share sensitive info like that.


(Alex) #3

thank you. I have updated the post.


(Bunder) #5

Never heard of this hardware wallet, could be a scam wallet. Where did you buy this wallet?


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(The Ron) #7

You are joking with the photo right?

If not… you bought yourself a powerbank. You can charge all kinds of devices with this, but you cannot charge crypto on it…

If you want a hardware device, buy a Ledger or Trezor.


(Alex) #8

What photo. I didn’t keep the original box. I took it from the internet. This was the same how the box looked like.


(The Ron) #9

see my changed comment above…

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(The Ron) #10

(The Ron) #11

About your remark about Trust vs Trust wallet. These are 2 complete different things:

Trust company:
Trust wallet:


(Alex) #12

I see. Thank you for the help. :slight_smile: This is not from the Bitcoin bank then ? So I have to buy Ledger or Trezor brand and then do a transfer ?
Tried to add those 12 words in a wire transfer memo, but how do I know the account number (SEPA IBAN) to send the money to ? I tried sending to myself but I only got the money back in my bank account but I want in coins on the Bitcoin bank wallet :frowning:

(robbers robbed one of the vaults of my bank. Now I want to have my money in Bitcoin on my own bank.

EDIT: anyways. Thanks for the help here. I already made an appointment with my bank tomorrow. curious to hear what they say.


(FCC) #16

@Alex I would advise you to keep your cryptocurrency on your current wallet for now. Which service do you use ? We are getting close to Nash launch, after that you can easily move your crypto without going through this confusing steps - and you can get support to do so.

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(Basti) #17

How nice after a year to hear something like that. But also respect that you have made such a project in this short time. :+1:

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(The Ron) #18

Be careful @Alex.

I advise you to investigate a little more in the fundamentals of Crypto. For example how it works with addresses, wallets, exchanges, blockchains, etc. It is very easy currently to lose tokens (= money) when you make a mistake.

And if you decide to start with it, please try first with a small amount, so that you get comfortable with it.

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(Alex) #19

Thank you for the kind advice sir. I am looing forward to this lauch of Nash. I will wait until then to retry.

– Currently I dont use any service other than BNP Paribas Fortis in EURO and Revolut for GBP. But those have no wallets, only virtual accounts (homebanking) …

After a bankrobbery in my country I realized I actually dont own the money in MY accounts. (The same way like I dont own my data on Facebook. But in the television news they only talk about Facebook and never about the banks… isnt it.)

Yesterday I tried to wire some EURO to this Trust wallet (also to buy cheaper Bitcoin), but then I realised it didn’t have an account-number on it.
(Some nice guy here already told me I wont be able to charge crypto on the Trust powerbank; apparently it can only charge devices! But I already have subscription for my phone…)

I feel really dumb now :frowning: But thank you to everyone who tried to help me understand.
Tomorrow I go to the bank. I’ll ask if they can generate an account number or have support for the Trust ‘powerbank’. I saw it has USB ports. Maybe they can transfer some money with the cable.


(CryptoMange) #20

Obvious troll is obvious


(The Ron) #21

Haha, I really hope so…

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(Nick) #22

@Alex I really hope that you’re joking, lol.

If not: like said before, you bought a power bank and NOT a crypto wallet. All you can do with it is charge devices. Nothing more.

The 20.000 MAH tokens you got aren’t tokens :slight_smile: It’s the capacity of the power bank.

Soooooo, long story short: buy a Ledger Nano S/X.


(Njb) #23

You shouldn’t even share one of your seed key words. That’s a really bad idea.

Using a random Bitcoin wallet you’ve never heard of is a bad idea. If there are no instructions in English, I wouldn’t be using it at all, to be honest.

Get a TREZOR or Ledger Nano. TREZOR doesn’t do NEP5 tokens, but Ledger does.



(Njb) #24

ROFL. That’s a power bank, not a wallet. You are joking, right?


(Njb) #25

A. There is no “Bitcoin bank”. It sounds like you need to get to grips with cryptocurrency first before buying any.
B. Cryptocurrency doesn’t use IBANs because it’s not fiat currency.
C. I’d recommend not doing anything as you don’t have the basic knowledge yet to know how to use a cryptocurrency wallet and send and receive funds. If you mess it up, you will lose all your funds.
D. Your bank will not know anything about cryptocurrency and will probably tell you it’s a risky investment. They won’t be able to help you.

E. Banks don’t keep your money in a vault. That’s not how banks work. They probably haven’t done that in decades. All your fiat currency is stored digitally. Not to mention the fact that banks use fractional reserve banking, which means they lend your money to other people.

In short, if you already have NEX or some other tokens, just keep them in your NEX extension. If you don’t know how to use other wallets, you will end up losing your funds or making mistakes. NEX is already non-custodial, so it’s fine.


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