Nash logo easteregg?

Whats the story behind the bottom stripe losing color on the partners page ? :wink:
Its quite striking…


(I’m still planning on doing another nitpicking round later next week. Just wanted to claim this one first :stuck_out_tongue: )

Actually it is BADWATER CAPITAL svg-logo overruling your Nash logo svg styles. (st1-class)


Good job, you find that bug :wink: sticker for you :point_right: :nash_n:

Thanks a lot for pointing this out. It will be fixed asap!

Though I have to say I’m a bit disappointed – I read the topic title and thought you’d found the real Easter egg on the site :wink:


Ohhhhh snap!

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Would we have a surprise easter egg nash logo though?:open_mouth::blush:

It’s not in the logo.

Happy hunting!

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Does it have anything to do with this code?



What if

No, that is just an interface example.

It strikes me that the Bitcoin symbol in consistently listed between the symbols of the confirmed listed tokens/currencies. This makes me think that… :thinking::wink:

It’s something small and cryptic and a bit fun. It’s not significant for the future and is not an announcement of any kind.

Somewhere in there ?! :wink:

So long as you have to ask and don’t have a concrete explanation, you’ve probably not found it :wink:

I’m starting to worry about what I might have unleashed.

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If it ends up being just a funny typo you trolled quite a lot of us :wink:

It’s quite obvious… it’s one of the first things you see when you visit the site.

Let me give you a clue:

The total value of the account, is the date when the NEX token was made? 9 / 1 / 18


Yup, you got it! :slight_smile:

(Except you have month/day the wrong way round.)

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Ayy nice!

Sorry, I’m European :wink:

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