Nash logo easteregg?

(Alex) #1

Whats the story behind the bottom stripe losing color on the partners page ? :wink:
Its quite striking…

(I’m still planning on doing another nitpicking round later next week. Just wanted to claim this one first :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Alex) #2

Actually it is BADWATER CAPITAL svg-logo overruling your Nash logo svg styles. (st1-class)

Fonts (+icons) loading delay annoying + small remarks (me nitpicking again)
(Bunder) #3

Good job, you find that bug :wink: sticker for you :point_right: :nash_n:

(Chris Fenwick) #4

Thanks a lot for pointing this out. It will be fixed asap!

Though I have to say I’m a bit disappointed – I read the topic title and thought you’d found the real Easter egg on the site :wink:

Another nash logo
(Nick) #5

Ohhhhh snap!

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(Mao Mao) #6

Would we have a surprise easter egg nash logo though?:open_mouth::blush:

(Chris Fenwick) #7

It’s not in the logo.

Happy hunting!

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(Neogasrpx) #9

Does it have anything to do with this code?


(Fvivif) #10


(Lhg) #11

What if

(Chris Fenwick) #12

No, that is just an interface example.

(Ruben93) #13

It strikes me that the Bitcoin symbol in consistently listed between the symbols of the confirmed listed tokens/currencies. This makes me think that… :thinking::wink:

(Chris Fenwick) #14

It’s something small and cryptic and a bit fun. It’s not significant for the future and is not an announcement of any kind.

(Lennystyles) #15

Somewhere in there ?! :wink:

(Chris Fenwick) #16

So long as you have to ask and don’t have a concrete explanation, you’ve probably not found it :wink:

I’m starting to worry about what I might have unleashed.

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(Lennystyles) #17

If it ends up being just a funny typo you trolled quite a lot of us :wink:

(Chris Fenwick) #18

It’s quite obvious… it’s one of the first things you see when you visit the site.

Let me give you a clue:

(Skrotager) #19

The total value of the account, is the date when the NEX token was made? 9 / 1 / 18

(Chris Fenwick) #20

Yup, you got it! :slight_smile:

(Except you have month/day the wrong way round.)

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(Skrotager) #21

Ayy nice!

Sorry, I’m European :wink:

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