Nash is down for maintenance (edit: it's working now)

What is going on? I can’t see any tweet about the maintenance.

It’s working mate , just checked. It’s not under maintenance

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Yes, NOW it’s working. And it’s generating QR for KYC again.

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Again. Several hours.

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Yes, since its still MVP and many updates and upgrades are required don not expect every change or maintanance will be officially notified.

Good thing if you need your funds you can always acces them :wink:

also remember its all to our benefit … unless you are actually already are trading atm which makes no sense since volume and orderbook depth are still very small i guess.


That’s not quite true. Or do you know how to get the funds from the statechannel? :thinking:

There is no tool or tutorial on how to interact with the blockchain to get the funds out of it.

that’s true

Only True when funds are in your trade account.
If in personal wallet its always accessible, right?

That’s true. But who says I do not have all my funds in the trading account?

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So what is it that you want to discus here?
Your trading account is for trading and your wallet for storing your funds save?
If you are about to make trades and the site go’s down you’re out of control? that’s true. good point then.

I just want to make it clear to everyone, because even from the official side it is never said that there is currently no chance to get your funds if they are in the trading account.

That was also not an attack on you. Sorry if that came over.

Even on twitter is said that one comes at any time to his funds.

I don’t feel attacked i think this is a legitimate discussion, what the teams says in its post is regarding funds are always accessible when on blockchain aka personalwallet, if we go into talking tradingaccount and statechannels its a different discussion which must and can be discussed to get clarification so good point their.

That’s the problem. That’s just not true. Also in the trading account they are on the blockchain. But locked up in a smart contract. You just have to give us the right orders so we can interact externally with this smart contract and get the funds out of it. Fabio once said that this is yet to come. Do not find the post anymore. If I still remember correctly then you can get the funds after 24h with the right command even if nash is in Maintance.

Idiots are everywhere. Unfortunately, you have to accept it. And you will always find people telling the lies. That is sad. But it is so.

But please something does not belong here in the forum. :sunglasses:

There’s nothing we can do other than ignore them. In fact, posting these pictures and showing which community they’re from is probably doing more harm than good. Don’t propagate baseless FUD. Just ignore it and move on.


I agree. It doesn’t help spreading this stuff.