Nash Funds Dashboard is an Absolute Beauty

Can u believe this is a DEX? More secure than a Ledger Nano? Soon to be Mobile?

Thank you Nash Team…Cant wait for more #BUIDL


Agreed it´s beautiful, However why do you think it´s more secure than a Ledger nano?

I´m fairly sure it isn´t even if it´s very very secure.

I don’t think it’s more secure than a ledger either, not yet anyway. Until they implement their 2nd gen tech on key management.


Can anyone confirm transaction fees for mobile payments goes towards dividends? Am I crazy or did I see this?

Yeah once that 2nd gen Zero-Knowledge key management is ready then Nash should be more secure and user friendly than a Ledger Nano device. If that is the case then I will gladly transfer all my funds from my Ledger to Nash and get rid of those things.

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Yes…this! Thanks

Depends on the transaction, if its a BTC to BTC for example then there would be no fees. The only way we would receive dividend fees from Nash Pay would be when the Matching Engine is used to convert a token. So lets say the same BTC to BTC but you only have ETH, then the Matching Engine would automatically convert the required ETH to fulfill the BTC payment. The only way there are ever fees is if the Matching Engine is involved.

Why do u think it is less secure?

Ledger Nano is the most secure thing in Crypto…

How can u tell? I do own one myself, but happy to switch over to Nash asap. There is nothing more comfortable than “securely” having all my assets on my phone. Especially if losing your phone wont risk anything.

I would suggest to add a pie chart in the Nash Funds dashboard.

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