Nash exchange volume

You said it yourself already, that in order to do that, Nash needs a security license.
That won’t happen any time soon, being realistic. We could talk years.
However, nash is one of the few candidates that CAN get it, because recent sec statements have said they favor non-custodial exchanges.

That, together with KYC and trying to list tokens very carefully is quite a good sign. That doesn’t take away that basicly no crypto exchange has a security license, unless you count those who dealt with stocks and now deal with crypto.
Thus, it’s probably safe to assume that nash won’t be trading security’s (and therefore NEX) in 2020.


Yep, the team said that they were waiting for clarification on regulation side (I recall that they said second half of the year). Will see how it goes!

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NEXO is a security token, yet it’s listed on Huobi and many other exchanges :man_shrugging:t2:

i dont know much about those tokens, i just think we need quite some more on nash.

Thanks for all of the replies to my post. Very helpful.

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I was wondering what Nash will actually do to increase volume on Nash? They have all these news coming out but none of the media is covering any of it yet. Whats keeping me back from trading is the liquidity on Nash. It is somewhat scary to trade and takes forever to fill a limit order.
I will wait until BTC trading and see if things changes…otherwise I can use Nash only as a mobile ledger replacement.

Nash has already partnered with liquidity providers and market makers
that provide liquidity ( shocking ) ^^ and trade.
Liquidity providers need the API’s ( that just came out last weekend ) in order to provide liquidity.
Wen there is finally liquidity people can trade , plug bots , the usual.
End of the story :slight_smile:

end start of the story when volume start to pick up. Demonstration is needed cuz neo/usdc or neo/eth are liquid but not v.