Listing of LTC,DASH,DOGE,BCH and ETC

Hi team,

Let me first say that I admire all the work you guys have put in! The exchange looks and feels really smooth now.

I understand that these are the main points to be worked on before GA :

  1. Transfer issues/costs
  2. Fiat ramps
  3. Easy KYC Tier2.

What is your stand on the listings of the following coins: LTC,DASH,DOGE,BCH and ETC?
When do you reckon this might happen? Before GA or after? summer 2020? EOY? Maybe 2021?
I feel like these coins could really boost nash exchange.
Pardon my asking/ranting but I am just excited on the development of the exchange.

Have a nice day!


Dear team,

Could you please reply briefly? It would be much apreciated!



Looking forward to XRP listing